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Evaluation of the Resilience of Physical Infrastructure Systems

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Evaluation of the Resilience of Physical Infrastructure Systems


This research will develop a methodology for evaluating resilience in physical infrastructure systems. Resilience in this context refers to the ability of infrastructure systems to be robust, and retain their basic function and structure following disturbances and shocks. Achieving life cycle infrastructure resilience requires an understanding of the natural environment, sustainability, systems analysis approaches, risk management, minimisation of the impact of natural disasters, disaster resistant design, consideration of stakeholder requirements, use of suitable materials and related areas of expertise. The methodology developed from this research would be used by planners and designers to develop and implement infrastructure systems that would be resistant to the impact of disasters.

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Research Affiliations
  • Centre for Future Materials
  • School of Civil Engineering and Surveying

Field of Research
  • Interdisciplinary Engineering

Available Academic Programs
  • Doctor of Philosophy (DPHD)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (DPHD)
  • Master of Research (MRES)

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