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Evaluation of the Damaging UV Exposures Under Cloudy Skies

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Evaluation of the Damaging UV Exposures Under Cloudy Skies


The amount and the type of cloud cover changes the damaging UV exposures from those predicted by the UV index. This project will develop a model to predict the damaging UV exposures for different conditions of cloud cover. The project will involve the analysis of a year of cloud data, damaging UV irradiances and global solar irradiances measured at each 10 minute interval of the day. The project will investigate the influence of the percentage of sky covered by cloud on the UV irradiance, the influence of the type of cloud on the UV irradiance and will establish a model to investigate the relationship between the global UV irradiance and the amount and type of cloud cover. The results will be tested to assess the validity of the model for the prediction of damaging UV exposures under different cloud conditions. This project will directly address a lack of scientific knowledge on the complex influence of cloud cover on the biologically damaging UV.

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  • International Centre for Applied Climate Sciences
  • School of Agricultural, Computational and Environmental Sciences

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  • Other Physical Sciences

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