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  • Development of Railway Sleeper Technologies Using Low-Grade Timber

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Development of Railway Sleeper Technologies Using Low-Grade Timber

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Development of Railway Sleeper Technologies Using Low-Grade Timber


This research aims to develop cost-effective railway sleeper technologies from low grade timber, thereby increasing the utilisation of plantation timber and creating a new market for the timber industry. This project will maximise the use of low-grade timber by mix-laminating them with high-grade grade timber to satisfy serviceability and strength requirements for railway sleepers and significantly improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness of railway sleepers. Numerical and experimental studies of railway sleepers under static, dynamic and fatigue loading conditions will underpin the development of the new concept of variable strength and optimal material distribution that will provide cost-effective solutions to Australian railway industry. Durability investigation will also be conducted to determine the service life of new railway sleeper technologies and if needed, appropriate surface protection system will be developed to extend the life of this technology ensuring their safe and reliable use.

Principal Supervisor

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  • Centre for Future Materials
  • Institute for Agriculture and the Environment

Field of Research
  • Civil Engineering
  • Materials Engineering

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Knowledge on engineering mechanics, materials, experimentation and analytical investigation.

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