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Impact of climate change on land and water systems

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Impact of climate change on land and water systems


Increases in global GHG emissions are affecting global temperatures (IPCC, 2014a) and the water cycle. Changes in the global climate, with associated increases in the return period, size, and duration of extreme high-temperature events and following heat stresses are predicted (already happening), along with changes in rainfall and rainfall extremes (IPCC, 2014a). All these changes cause an increasing water scarcity across the globe (Gosling and Arnell, 2016). At a landscape scale, these changes impact the biophysical process and alter water-soil-plant-animal interactions (Ghahramani and Bowran, 2018), soil moisture dynamics (Holsten et al., 2009), soil degradation (Klik and Eitzinger, 2010) that will affect productivity and quality of agricultural production and consequently food security at a larger regional and global scale (Wheeler et al., 2013). Climate change is also a key source of uncertainty for medium to long-term planning in the water sector, including in agriculture, urban water supply, water treatment and environmental management. Impact on water resources primarily is through changes in temperature, evaporation, and rainfall, impacting the water systems in a variety of ways, both biophysical and socio-economic. Quantifying the likelihood of these impacts and the effectiveness of adaptations can be explored using systems modelling. This PhD research will provide a comprehensive understanding of the climate change impact on water and land resources at catchment and farm scale/paddock. It will identify impacts on water-soil-plant interactions by modelling while looking at mechanisms. The research will consider the suitability of models and modelling approaches to be considered for climate change impact and decision-making. It will include the specific role(s) of the models in management and major uncertainties associated with climate change's impact on water and land resources.

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  • Institute for Agriculture and the Environment

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  • Agriculture, Land and Farm Management
  • Climate Change Impacts And Adaptation
  • Environmental Science and Management
  • Hydrology

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  • Doctor of Philosophy (DPHD)

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