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Student Transitions and Wellbeing

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Student Transitions and Wellbeing


When applied to the higher education context, the term ‘transition’ usually refers to students’ experiences of moving into, through, and beyond university. These experiences might concern aspects related to their sense of belonging and wellbeing. Transitions are conceptualised broadly: one perspective is that they involve traditional, defined pathways, whereas an alternative view is that they are multiple, diverse and ongoing. Research projects on student transitions can draw on quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods approaches, and could focus on various subtopics including, but not limited to, the following:

- Differing conceptualisations of what is meant by student transition (e.g. induction, adjustment, development, maturation, becoming, etc.)
- Approaches to enhancing the first-year experience through a focus on transition pedagogy
- Psychological, social, environmental, and/or cultural impacts on students’ experiences of transitioning into, through, and beyond higher education
- Diversity in students’ experiences of belonging and wellbeing as they transition

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