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Youth Suicide Peer-to-Peer Support

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Youth Suicide Peer-to-Peer Support


This project area focuses on how children and young people engage in, and constitute, peer-to-peer mental health support in online spaces. Research suggests that children and young people frequently seek mental health support and advice from the world wide web. The anonymity that most online mental health programs and mental health support websites offer are thought to be a key factor in the increased uptake of such services and sites by children and adolescents. However little research has focused on the actual peer-to-peer mental health support that is provided by online mental health programs or on the more informal peer-to-peer mental health support that is found on the ever growing number of self-help mental health websites. This means that little is known about how such support is constituted, how such support is utilised, and what actually constitutes this as support.

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  • Centre for Health Sciences Research
  • Institute for Resilient Regions
  • School of Psychology and Counselling

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  • Clinical Sciences
  • Paediatrics and Reproductive Medicine
  • Public Health and Health Services

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Students with a health background are encouraged to contact Professor Andrea Lamont-Mills to discuss this topic further. Students interested in using mixed methods designs as well as quantitative approaches are also encouraged to contact Professor Andrea Lamont-Mills to discuss possible projects.

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