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  • Novel biosolids-derived organimineral fertilizers for profitable Australian agriculture

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Novel biosolids-derived organimineral fertilizers for profitable Australian agriculture

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Novel biosolids-derived organimineral fertilizers for profitable Australian agriculture


Biosolids are an organic residue from wastewater treatment. In Australia, Biosolids have long been used as an organo-fertilizer for crop growth, because of its potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus contents.

Unfortunately, Biosolids continue to be a major cost burden on wastewater treatment businesses, because of transport logistics to get it to the remote crop land where it is needed. Also, Biosolids are typically dilute and unbalanced in its chemical composition and have sub-optimal physical properties not suitable for standard farm spreading equipment.

This project will reduce costs of wastewater treatment, and increase the value of Biosolids. The project will use chemistry, biology and engineering to formulate, conduct agronomic testing, and refine novel Biosolids-derived organofertilizer products for:
• optimised performance in terms of release of nutrients to match crop demand, thereby minimizing nutrient losses and greenhouse gas emissions; and
• to facilitate the benefits of these carbon-rich fertilizers on soil health.

The broader project concepts will also be extended to anaerobic digestate from waste treatment, which is an emerging and novel renewable energy industry in Australia.

One of the great strengths in this project is the collaborative work with industry partners, enhancing industrial relevance and employability.

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  • Institute for Agriculture and the Environment
  • National Centre for Engineering in Agriculture
  • School of Agricultural, Computational and Environmental Sciences

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  • Agriculture, Land and Farm Management
  • Environmental Biotechnology
  • Environmental Engineering

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