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  • Static and Dynamic Behaviour of Composite Sandwich Beams and Plates with Disbonds

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Static and Dynamic Behaviour of Composite Sandwich Beams and Plates with Disbonds

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Static and Dynamic Behaviour of Composite Sandwich Beams and Plates with Disbonds


Composites materials made by combining two individual materials where one material forms the matrix while the other provides the reinforcement. A novel composite sandwich made up of glass fibre reinforced polymer (GFRP) composite face sheets and modified phenolic core has been developed recently. This composite sandwich is an attractive basic building block for producing structural beams, slabs and larger structures such as fibre composite bridges due to its high strength, durability and light weight. Although perfect bond between the skin and the core is a common assumption, the development of debonding between the skin and the core in sandwich is quite possible during fabrication or under service conditions, affecting the static and dynamic behaviour in addition to the strength degradation. This project investigates the effect of debonding on the static and dynamic characteristics of sandwich beams and plates. Full and partial debonds with different debond sizes and locations in beams/plates with different end support conditions will be investigated. Finite element software packages (Strand7 and Abaqus) will be used in the numerical study. After validating the numerical model, parametric analyses will be conducted to predict the behaviour of more complex structures made from composite sandwich building blocks. Dynamic behaviour of debonded structures under earthquake loads will be a part of the study.

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  • Centre for Future Materials
  • Institute for Agriculture and the Environment
  • School of Civil Engineering and Surveying

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  • Civil Engineering
  • Engineering Design
  • Materials Engineering

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