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Options for Improving the Efficiency of Kangaroo Harvesting

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Options for Improving the Efficiency of Kangaroo Harvesting


Kangaroos are sustainably harvested from many livestock production areas across Australia. However, increasing costs of harvest (e.g. labour and diesel) means that kangaroo harvesting is often 'not worth the money', forcing harvesters to find alternative employment. Concomitantly, large and increasing populations of kangaroos in some areas compete with livestock for vegetation, causing substantial economic loss to livestock producers. Control of kangaroos to mitigate damage is also undertaken in many areas, and both the harvest and control of kangaroos is highly regulated. There remains an urgent need to identify ways to improve kangaroo harvest efficiency within existing governance and operational constraints. This project involves designing and testing various options for improving the harvest efficiency of kangaroos in western Queensland, including extensive monitoring of harvested kangaroo populations on livestock properties. The purpose of the project is to identify practical techniques that livestock producers can implement to simultaneously reduce kangaroo competition with livestock and improve kangaroo harvest efficiency.

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  • Institute for Agriculture and the Environment

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  • Ecology

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15REA019, 16REA016

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This project requires extended periods of travel to work alone in remote areas

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