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Screening of Indigenous Strains of Fungi and Yeasts for lipids production

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Screening of Indigenous Strains of Fungi and Yeasts for lipids production


Fungi and yeasts have many applications in drug production, food processing, fermentation (beer, wine and bread), biological control agents, and enzyme technology. However indigenous Australian fungi have rarely been considered or applied to industrial applications. The aim of this project is to screen indigenous microorganisms available in culture collections for novel applications. Examples include screening (i) oleaginous yeasts indigenous to Australia for their capacity to accumulate intracellular lipids for biodiesel production, (ii) ethanol producing yeasts for their capacity to produce ethanol for the brewing industry, (iii) filamentous fungi for their capacity to produce enzymes such as glucoamylase for the saccharification of starches or cellulases/hemicellulases/ligninases for the hydrolysis of lignocellulosics materials for biofuels production. The experimental work will involve screening microorganisms on Petri dishes or fermentation flasks with analysis of relevant intermediates and products.

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  • School of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

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  • Biochemistry and Cell Biology
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  • Doctor of Philosophy (DPHD)
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