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The Communication of Individual and Group-directed Feedback

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The Communication of Individual and Group-directed Feedback


Effective feedback is an important condition for re-balancing and adjusting collective views, values, and actions. Both criticism and praise have the potential to become powerful tools for improvement. Criticism can stimulate reform to suboptimal behaviours or maladaptive practices, while praise can support and strengthen best practice. Consequently, it is important to understand psychological processes that drive, (1) the delivery of criticism and praise and (2) responses to criticism and praise, in order to maximise feedback effectiveness.
This PhD work has the scope to take many forms, focusing on individual and/ or group-based feedback (or both), specific intergroup and/or individual contexts (e.g., gender, occupational), the delivery and/or acceptance of feedback and/or praise or criticism. The supervisor of this project(s) has a particular interest in the communication of feedback (both praise and criticism) between and within gender groups, the psychological underpinnings of the reluctance to communicate criticism, and the intergroup sensitivity effect.

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  • School of Psychology and Counselling

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  • Psychology

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