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  • Manufacturing and Properties of Ground Macadamia Nutshell Filled Particulate Composites

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Manufacturing and Properties of Ground Macadamia Nutshell Filled Particulate Composites

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Manufacturing and Properties of Ground Macadamia Nutshell Filled Particulate Composites


Macadamia nut shells can be used in the production of environment-friendly composite materials. The shells can be ground into a fine powder, then mixed with a polymeric resin to create particulate composites. Green composites from these high strength macadamia nut shells are a relatively new innovation and are mostly used for handmade crafts at present. However, macadamia nutshell filled polymeric composites can be engineered through research and development for the uses as various structural components including sandwich composites and in areas where low weight to strength ratio is required. Their potential applications include products in building, aerospace and automotive industries.

A wide variety of polymeric resins can be used for fabricating macadamia nutshell composites. The ground filler can also be of various size ranges depending on the potential applications. Thus, a wide range of different types of composites can be made by selecting different materials and consolidating techniques for different resins and filler sizes. Various types of sandwich composites can also be made by selecting different constituent materials for skins and these particulate composite cores. For the selection of constituent materials, factors such as properties and cost may be considered.

Main objectives of these projects are to (a) develop novel green composites using ground macadamia nutshell fillers and suitable polymeric resins, (b) investigate relationships between various manufacturing parameters, (c) investigate mixing behaviour of fillers and resins, (d) characterise mechanical behaviour of the developed particulate composites, and (e) develop and investigate properties of novel sandwich composites made of developed composite cores and suitable skins.

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  • Centre for Future Materials
  • School of Civil Engineering and Surveying
  • School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

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  • Civil Engineering
  • Materials Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

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  • Doctor of Philosophy (DPHD)
  • Master of Research (MRES)

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