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Investigation of Atmospheric Pollution Caused by Fire Retardants

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Investigation of Atmospheric Pollution Caused by Fire Retardants


Scientific evidence regarding the environmental impact of fire retardants is increasing. Commonly used in furniture foam and electronic goods, these chemicals tend to be highly persistent, and bioconcentrate/biomagnify in the environment. Transport of these chemicals can be over long distances, as several of the compounds are now being detected in the fatty tissues of wildlife present in Arctic and Antarctic regions. A review needs to take place of the range of chemicals used, and their potential impacts to atmosphere, soil, water and wildlife.

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Research Affiliations
  • Australian Centre for Sustainable Business and Development
  • Institute for Agriculture and the Environment
  • International Centre for Applied Climate Sciences
  • National Centre for Engineering in Agriculture
  • School of Engineering and Built Environment

Field of Research
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Environmental Science and Management

Available Academic Programs
  • Doctor of Philosophy (DPHD)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (DPHD)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (DPHD)
  • Master of Research (MRES)
  • Master of Research (MRES)

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