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  • Ecology, Epidemiology and Pathology of Whitegrain Disease of Wheat

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Ecology, Epidemiology and Pathology of Whitegrain Disease of Wheat

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Ecology, Epidemiology and Pathology of Whitegrain Disease of Wheat


White grain disease of wheat occurs in northern and southern Australia, predominantly in wet winters and springs. White grain was first described in Queensland in 1999 after harvested wheat was noiced to have high levels of white, mummified grains. The disease has not be reported to be important on small grain cereals anywhere else in the world. The causal fungus has recently been renamed Eutiarosporella darliae. E. darliae appears to be stubble borne, but little is known about its survival and epidemiology. Preliminary work has suggested that there are differences in resistance in commercial cultivars but this needs to be verified. Methods need to be developed to assess disease severity so that control methods can be assessed. This project will 1) investigate the ecology, epidemiology and pathology of whitegrain disease, 2). develop methods for culturing the pathogen and inoculum production, 3) develop a disease rating scale, 4) assess wheat and barley germplasm for resistance, 5) undertake other studies on the disease or pathogen that are of interest to the candidate.

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  • Centre for Crop Health
  • School of Agricultural, Computational and Environmental Sciences

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  • Crop and Pasture Production

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