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Towards Climate Smart Landscapes

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Towards Climate Smart Landscapes


Adoption of climate smart farming practices (climate smart agriculture or CSA) has been widely promoted, globally, as a mechanism for increasing the resilience of agricultural production systems to climate variability/change at the local scale (Girvetz et al., 2017), but its efficacy has recently been questioned (Clay and Zimmerer, 2020) and tradeoffs associated with scaling up to larger scales recognised (Schaafsma et al., 2018). The concept of climate smart landscapes (Scherr et al., 2012) offers a framework for integrating CSA to enhance socio-ecological resilience at the larger systems scale; however, implementing such a framework faces a number of technical, socio-economic and policy challenges (e.g. Torquebiau et al., 2015; McCall, 2016; Gichenje & Godhino, 2019; .

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  • Institute for Agriculture and the Environment
  • International Centre for Applied Climate Sciences

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  • Agriculture, Land and Farm Management
  • Environmental Science and Management

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  • Doctor of Philosophy (DPHD)
  • Master of Research (MRES)

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