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Towards Climate Smart Landscapes

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Towards Climate Smart Landscapes


The majority of the world’s six billion farmers are smallholders, farming areas of 5 ha or less. Subsistence farmers such as these are highly susceptible to food insecurity arising from a range of risks including market failure, social conflict and climatic variability. Adoption of climate smart farming practices (climate smart agriculture or CSA) provides a mechanism for greater resilience and enhanced wellbeing at the local scale. The emerging concept of climate smart landscapes (Scherr et al., 2012) offers a framework for scaling up CSA to a more integrated level to enhance socio-ecological resilience at the larger landscape scale. However, implementing such a framework will require both enhanced technical capacity and community, institutional and political support for multi-stakeholder planning, governance, strategic investment and monitoring and evaluation.
As in other farming systems, adoption of new practices may be constrained by a range of social and economic barriers. This study investigates the social norms, community structures and other barriers in smallholder communities that may act to prevent innovation and adaptation at a range of scales and will inform strategies aimed at enhancing security and well-being in such communities.

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  • Institute for Agriculture and the Environment
  • International Centre for Applied Climate Sciences

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  • Agriculture, Land and Farm Management
  • Environmental Science and Management

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