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Climate and Oceanography of Southeast Queensland

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Climate and Oceanography of Southeast Queensland


This project is designed to support our long-term activities leading to a better understanding of the climate and physical oceanography of the coast of Southeast Queensland. Previous work includes: i) Brieva et al. (2014a) provided a first investigation of ocean upwelling in this region. They found evidence of frequent sporadic 7-8 day events to the southeast of Fraser Island, which appear to be both driven by wind and the East Australian Current. The identified region of upwelling was named The Southeast Fraser Upwelling System. ii) Hervey Bay is situated just to the west of Fraser Island and has recently been documented by Ribbe (2014) as one out of seventeen important large Australian marine estuaries and is a large hypersaline, inverse system. This work has recently contributed to a new Estuarine and Marine Habitat Classification Framework for Queensland introduced by the Department of Environment and Heritage. i) Brieva, D., Ribbe, J., Lemckert, C., 2015. Is the East Australian Current Causing A Marine Ecological Hot Spot and An Important Fisheries near Fraser Island, Australia? Estuarine, Coastal, Shelf Science. 153, 121-134. DOI: 10.1016/j.ecss.2014.12.012; ii) Ribbe, J, 2014. Hervey Bay and Its Estuaries. In: Estuaries of Australia in 2050 and beyond. Springer Publishing. Editor: Eric Wolanski.

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  • International Centre for Applied Climate Sciences

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